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The Texas Gypsy

BIG Magical mushroom

BIG Magical mushroom

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That's a big ol'mushrom! are you into psychedelics, cottage-core, faires, and forest aesthetics? well here is your sticker The waterproof sticker is awesome for your water bottle, laptop car wherever the heck you want to stick it 8.5cm x8cm die-cut sticker, printed on, high-quality, white, sticker vinyl. They are laminated to prevent water damage, scratches, and tears. Contact me directly for bulk orders for a discount! Also, I can do custom orders as well. For best adhesion clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol and let dry before applying. Smooth out any air bubbles under your sticker or decal with your finger or an old card. Disclosure: - Monitor colors may vary, I have done my best to represent the colors correctly by shooting the photos in natural light with no altering of the image. - I am not responsible for damage done during your application process. - I am not responsible for the natural wear and tear of your stickers and decals. - Printed stickers will eventually fade if placed in harsh, direct sunlight. - handwash only for the longevity of the sticker


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